Who is Flying Your Site?

So, if you are not going to let your 14 year old nephew fly you to Hawaii, you probably shouldn't let him run your website either. It would be safer than flying, but when your website stalls in mid air you may wonder...

Need a business website?

Do you need a new website or are you working on your current website design? Are you trying to expand your "internet presence"? Trying to reach more people with your website? Trying to use the internet more effectively to promote your business?

I can help. I am a full-time professional web designer, my name is Mike Pritchard and I love working on business websites. I enjoy being able to bring more people to into my client's businesses.

I have been doing websites for 17 years, have solved many problems and improved profits on many different businesses so I could help with yours. But you probably have a website already, if you are looking for more functionality, a better reach or a better profit margin, I can help.

Contact me at Mike@PritchardWebpages.com or by phone at (951) 970-6172.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Not on Google?

Listing on Google is important, if you can't find your site on Google, Pritchard Webpages can help. Call Mike today at (951)226-5109.