Maintenance Perfection

Website maintenance is one of the most important features available from Pritchard Webpages. Quick, reliable quality sums up my dedication to website maintenance.

  • Website updates are completed within 24 hours (usually within 3 hours, based on demand).
  • You will be notified when the request is received, to confirm the request,
  • and you will be notified when the revisions are completed with a link to the revised webpages.

Website Maintenance

Yelp Reviews

Leanne Goulding:
Mike is a Web "Master" in the truest sense. I couldn't be more pleased with first the initial website he built for Terra Design six years ago, and now with the upgrades and additions just completed.

My clients consistently comment on how much they like my website and I am positive it has increased both the quality and quantity of my new work.
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Robin Badillo:
Mike has done wonders for not only for the looks of our website but also driving traffic to our site! Our business increased dramatically once we had him re-do our website two years ago.

I always refer to him as the "Google Genius" because he stays up on the latest information that we need to make it all work.
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Some of the website maintenance duties now being handled by Pritchard Webpages include:
  • Text updates
  • Photo adjustments (photoshop), cropping, sizing and placement
  • New page creation and deletion
  • Changing menu items
  • Graphics creation
  • Google ranking placement adjustments and edits
  • Layout adjustments
  • Slideshow and photo display adjustments
  • Domain name and web host renewals
  • JavaScript adjustments
  • Amazon and Shopping Cart revisions
  • Facebook posting
  • Media updates
  • Locating relevant news stories
  • Youtube & Paypal management
  • Writing articles for websites
  • Update class dates and times
  • Forms creation and maintenance
  • Email address creation and maintenance
  • Website backups
Some of the websites maintained by Pritchard Webpages include:

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Video Display Problems?

Video Display can be tricky, you especially want your videos to show on mobile devices, if you are having problems with the videos on your website Pritchard Webpages can help. Call Mike today at (951)226-5109.