Under the Hood

Creating a beautiful or cool website is only a small part of being effective. What's under the hood is even more important. You need to make sure:

  • Your website is found on google.
  • Your website works on mobile devices.
  • You monitor visitor tracking through your website to confirm your website is getting your message delivered efficiently.

More Than Website Creation

Pritchard Webpages offers more than just website creation and maintenance. Effective communication demands more. You want to be sure your website content is easy to read, conveys your message well and reaches the people you want to reach.

Successfully reaching people is what I really love to do, methods to successfully reach people are built into the entire planning and building process at Pritchard Webpages.

Most businesses:
  • do not use their websites effectively to reach people,
  • do not use their websites to bring new people into their business,

Your website can:
  • attract new people to your business,
  • increase your sales and profit.
That is successfully reaching people, and it is possible with just a little extra effort.

Effective Steps I Use to Reach People

Below are some of the methods I currently use to reach people:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Google Alerts & content collection
  • Meta data
  • Keyword usage in captions, alt tags, page titles, headers, section titles and content
  • Google Maps & Plus listings
  • Directory listings
  • Email campaigns
  • Feed displays
  • Site analysis with corrective response
  • Frequent updates
  • Image selection

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Not Mobile Friendly?

Displaying well on mobile devices is a big problem with 60% of internet access happening on mobile devices, Pritchard Webpages can help. Call Michael today at (951)970-6172.