Responsive - Mobile Friendly Websites

Yes, a free wordpress site might work for your website, the domain name is one that is fairly easy to remember because so many people have wordpress sites and "free" is a pretty good price.

But if you want any upgrades from their free package they are expensive (compared to “real” web site hosting).

Joomla is better...

If you will do quite a few updates then that is a good way to go, but it is not easier to use than Joomla; I use Joomla instead of wordpress because Joomla is a lot more powerful. Either would work well for you if you don't need a lot of features and you don't ever need to do any customizing. If you want to do forms or want other features you will wish you chose Joomla. I have never found anything Joomla couldn't do.

A real domain name...

If you want a domain name like you may want to consider buying a webhost. That will cost you about $149 a year (domain name and webhost). But if you are happy with something like then you don’t need to buy anything.

Mobile ready...
I would highly encourage you to get a website that works on cell phones and tablets. Currently about 50% of internet use comes from non-desktop computers so you want to be sure your site will look good on all devices. That is easier said than done.
But when you are thinking over which type of website to get, and you look over the free wordpress templates, look for ones that say “responsive”. That is the current term for websites that rescale for any device.

For a live example of what that "Responsive" means you can see some of the sites I have developed:

All these designs will look good on any device, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phones. Read below how to demonstrate the effect.

To Check a Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Site

To Check a Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Site

Reduce the size of the browser screen and you will see what it does.

Grab the right side of your browser window and drag it to the left.

(In the top right corner of your browser are those three boxes, the first one minimizes the browser, the second one snaps it out of full-screen. When that box has two boxes inside it, then you are full-screen. When you click on it there will only be one box inside the box, then you can grab the right side of the browser and slide it to the left.)

Or check them on your phone and desktop computer at the same time. The layout of the sites change as you reduce the width. This means the layout will be good and readable on any device (without having to zoom in).

Joomla has some really nice mobile friendly, responsive templates, I have worked with a few.

Make mobile work for you

I think this idea is so important that I am recommending all websites now be responsive. Especially for a sites that will attract a younger audience.

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