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A Vision For Life - More than a Summer Tan
American Students - No Visa Required!!!
Pastor's Tour - Pastors Only
  CCRE is the overseeing ministry of: CCBCE, the Missions Training Program, AVFL and the European 	Conference Center

A Vision For Life

Want to get more from your summer than a great tan? Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe's "A Vision for Life" program might be for you.

A Vision for Life is an intensive discipleship program led by pastors and missionaries that includes teaching, outreaches, fun, and servanthood. Some classes include The Life of Jesus, Practical Evangelism and End Times. AVFL students put what they learn to use by participating in many various outreaches throughout Hungary and other countries. Excursions to Vienna and Budapest also provide time for students to get to know each other and the local cultures.

You don't want to miss out on a six week, life-changing summer experience.

Dates: June 21st to August 2nd, 2008
Tuition: $1,300 + $300 cover your various outreach expenses.
Location: Vajta, Hungary

More than your ordinary summer

No Visa Required for American Students

Due to some recent changes in Hungary, students can come for college without applying for a visa.

Instead, we assist in applying for a temporary residence permit. That cost is about $150 and is a one-time fee, good for a five year residence permit. No more paperwork required for five years!

We are very excited about this change. It greatly simplifies students arrival process.

If you’d like more information please email for details.

Pastor's Tour

CCBCE invites all Calvary Chapel Pastors to an eye-opening experience. Join us for a 10-day tour to many of the growing Calvary Chapel Churches on the continent.

The purpose of the trip is to introduce you to the pastors and missionaries that lead these works with the hope that you will be inspired and obtain a fresh vision for Europe. This is a vision trip with the purpose of creating bridges of ministry from your church into the European Mission Field.

We look forward to seeing you this year in Europe!

Dates: September 16th - 25th, 2008
Cost: 95,000ft (approx $490) + airfare to Budapest
If you’d like more information please email for details.

Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe


What's New at the Bible College:

  • Tuition is now in euro! Yes we have joined the eu generation, check it out by clicking here

  • Gmail access is FREE!!!
    okay, so that's not new, but not everyone has known we offer that, so if you are planning a stay with us signup for a gmail account and you do not have to pay for internet access here.

  • Our application forms can be filled out digitially! You can now download an application in Word format, fill it out and email it back. No longer do you need to print it and fax or mail it back to us. That applies to all forms.

    Since starting our live video webcasts, our video collection is growing....

    Check out the CCBCE podcasts by clicking here. You can even get our videos on your iPod...

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