Professional Experience

Full Service Website Designs, Website Hosting
along with domain name service Graphics | Website Creation | Web Management

  • Create and maintain websites using hand-coded HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, along with the Joomla and Wordpress content management system.
  • Create podcasts, maintain Facebook accounts, events and social ads.
  • Can overcome search-engine ranking problems resulting in high rankings in Google and manage Google-AdWords campaigns.
  • Manage domain names, email system, web server management.
  • Send out updates and email newsletters, and managing email lists.

Planning Your Website


#1. Good planning saves money
#2. Good planning gives good results
#3. Good planning saves time
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Step One

#1. Determine your purpose
#2. Decide what to include
#3. Decide on the structure
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Planning Your Website

Step Two

#1. What do you need?
#2. What don't you need?
#3. Resources and goals?
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Step Three

#1. Easy to update
#2. Visitor friendly
#3. Clean, clear and uncluttered
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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Website Remodel?

Does your current website look a little off? But you don't know how to fix it? Pritchard Webpages can help. Call Mike today at (951)226-5109.

Facebook Stale?

Keeping your Facebook up to date is important, if you can't find the time to do it, Pritchard Webpages can help. Call Mike today at (951)226-5109.