Church Website Class - Intro

Learn to use your current resources to spread the Word of God to your city, state and to the world.

  • Learn how to attract more people to your church website by addressing real human needs.
  • Learn how to avoid design errors that will drive viewers away.
  • Learn how to use your website to bring Jesus to real people that have real questions.
  • And answer the 7 questions every first time visitor wants to know before they come to your church.
Learn how to effectively grow your area of influence beyond the physical walls of your church, further into your community, and literally into the entire world!

Class Notes - Intro

So why do I think I have the authority to speak on church websites?

I have been doing websites for over 10 years and have lost count on how many church websites I have done.

In my seven years on the mission field I was doing websites and graphic design.

  • At CCBCE
  • For Hungary CC churches
  • In Poland and England
I have a passion for using the internet for reaching people. Through my work with commercial websites is where I have learned SEO, (search engine optimization) which is fascinating to me.

It has been fun combining all that knowledge in to helping churches reach more people.

Why am I doing this class?

Seven years ago, when I was doing the CCBCE websites, I was running the stats and found someone from Kenya had typed into google “how do I know the Word of God is true” and found the gospel message I had put on the website.

I have been hooked ever since.

This class isn’t really about websites.

  • It is about telling people about Jesus.
  • Getting people into heaven.
  • Reaching people via the internet.
  • That is my vision.
Currently you are not reaching people on the internet. In fact you are losing the person looking for a church home via the internet, and you are ignoring millions of people who are actively seeking answers.

My vision is to reach people,
My vision is to take Jesus to people via the internet,
My vision is to make you successful in reaching people, and consequently get people into heaven. With just a few hours worth of work you can literally reach millions of people via the internet, and YOU don't even have to do it.

You have people attending your church who will do it for you.

I am not fooling around here.

My purpose is NOT to tell you some "tricks" to make your websites better, although I can do that.

My purpose is NOT to help you make a really cool website, although I can do that.

My purpose is NOT to help you understand how google works, although I can do that. I only have one purpose, introduce people to Jesus and getting them into heaven.

You can use your website to get people into heaven. People you have never considered reaching before. You currently reach your 100-700 church members. With just a few hours work you can reach millions.

You can use your website to get people into heaven. That is what I am going to teach tonight.

We are going to learn three things:

#1. How to make your website "easy to read" – Reaching this culture
#2. How to attract more visitors to your church through your website
#3. How to use your website to reach the world

Author: Mike Pritchard

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