Bandwidth & Balance

So, how do you find the exactly correct balance? Consider your options:

  • know the "weight" of your website,
  • understand the delivery dimensions,
  • and know your target audience.



I always recommend Siteground for webhosting. All of Pritchard Webpages and Pritchard Websites are hosted on Siteground.

Of all the webhosts I have worked with (probably 20 or more) Siteground is the only webhost I have seen that is easy to work with and very secure.

So if you are looking for a good webhost, a reliable one, check out Siteground hosting.

Currently, on average, 40% of all appliances accessing the internet are non-desktop computers. That means you need to be sure your website looks good on mobile devices. For some websites that is more important than others, if you are trying to reach younger people or reach people as they are shopping or on the go, it is incredibly important now.

This means that your website needs to load well on mobile devices, but it also needs to load quickly, studies show you have about 4 seconds before you run the risk of losing your mobile viewer. In addition studies show that people on mobile devices won't refer non-mobile friendly websites to their friends.

On the other hand you want most of your content to be available to mobile viewers, and you want a website that is styled nicely, one that correctly represents your church or ministry.

Yes, it really is an issue of balance. Finding just the right balance takes skill and knowledge.

Contact today for assistance in getting your message across correctly.

Author: Mike Pritchard

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Something else to consider about bandwidth:

Off site storage can be purchased at a reasonable cost or can be accomplished for free from

At you can store an entire book of the Bible in one place. Visitors can listen to or watch your teachings from that page with a built in player, have their choice of versions (automatically created) and you can enter as much information on the book and for each verse as you like. You can enter a description, titles, speakers, dates recorded, etc. See example here.

Or you can choose to not enter any info and simply upload the files and link directly to the links from your website.

All this can be done for free. You don't pay for the storage, or for the bandwidth use for the viewers to access your media. This saves you money both ways, it reduces your storage requirements and your bandwidth usage.