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Yes, planning can be less fun than actual construction, but at Pritchard Webpages planning is a lot of fun. Years of experience make it much easier, and more enjoyable. In addition, experiencing the results of poor planning inspires a person to plan well.

As a Christian Webpage Designer my greatest desire is...


Please understand one thing:
people are getting saved on the internet.
They are meeting our Lord and Savior.

After doing this for 7 years on the mission field I can assure you, it is working.

You have heard the stories, people have told you internet evangelism is working. It is true.

That is the reason I am so passionate about improving church and ministry web presence.

The gospel message is being heard. The news about Jesus is going out.

I am most interested in making your church more internet-effective.

I am not just interested in creating a website, but using the tools of the internet to help you get out the message of our Lord and Savior. help churches with their "internet presence". Even before my seven years on the mission field, where I worked on getting the gospel out to Hungary, I had a passion for internet evangelism. As a Christian webpage designer that desire has grown into even more of a driving passion.

Here are some things to consider as you begin to design your Christian webpage:

You have heard people telling you that you need:

  • To get your church on Facebook. Or Twitter
  • A forum/discussion board
  • A podcast
  • Commenting
  • To allow people to signup and pay for your special events online
  • An online bookstore
  • A new email system and file sharing system
As you are preparing for your church website be sure to read my three step plan:

Church website resources

If you are involved in a large church, you may have plenty of resources to accomplish these goals. But in a medium to small church you lack the resources, or worse, you have let someone volunteer to set up some of these systems for you.

Either way, if you are not sure how to proceed, I can help.

I know what you do need: quick, reliable, quality.

  • You want your website revisions done in 24 hours. You do not want to have to wait weeks for your website, or worse, wait weeks for your website updates.
  • You want reliability. Contact me for a list of clients for references, or contact any of my prior clients. I specialize in reliability. God has built into me a strong sense of responsibility.
  • You want high quality work. We all know what it is like to get inferior quality. I love working on church websites, not only do I get to perform the work God has blessed me with, but I also get to be involved in reaching even more people with the Word of God. That goal demands the highest quality work possible.
So what do you need for your church website?

If you need a new website, or help updating your current one, contact me for a free one-hour consultation:

Author: Mike Pritchard

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