Writing an Email Update

So you want to write Email Updates?

  • Your Purpose: To inspire, evangelize, fund raise, etc.
  • People (except for Mom) won't read your updates
    • People "read" their computers different than printed material
      • "Web text should be short, scannable, and approachable. Typically, you should write half as many words for the web as you would for print. If targeting a broad consumer audience that includes people with no or little education, it's better to aim at 25 percent of the print word count. And in web writing, it's always best to start with the conclusion, so that people who read only the first line or two on a page still get the main point."
    • Your recipient receives a lot of email
  • Design it as attractive and effectively as you can
    • Use bullet points
    • Use an index (table of contents) at the top
    • If they only read your index you want them to know what you are doing (sample index):
      • Orphanage
      • Visiting Outreach Team
      • Wednesday Bible Study
      • Baptisms
      • Church Break-In
    • Format your text (use italics, bold, different sizes and colors of text)
    • Use 2 to 3 fonts - use default fonts
    • Use bold type in your article sections to highlight what each section is about
    • Use sections/paragraphs put white space in-between them
    • Keep it short-eliminate all unnecessary words
    • Put your name and picture at the top of your newsletter
    • Use a good subject line
    • Use color
    • Use pictures - resized (with a program to reduce the file size)
    • Screen Size Resolution - Design for 800x600 (620 wide)
    Tools you can use:
    • Outlook
    • Outlook Express
    • Html in Yahoo or Hotmail, etc.
    • Use a Blogspot and use "Send Page by Email..." (in IE)
    • Hotmail: Compose, Tools, Rich-Text Editor On
    • Yahoo: Options (to right of screen), Management, General Preferences, Composing E-mails, Compose messages as color and graphics
    • Microsoft Word - but can make very large file sizes (takes a long time to download)
    • Publisher (newer version than 2000)(save as .jpg)

Author: Mike Pritchard