"It was one of those Spiritual Landmarks in our lives..." Melissa, Kosovo team

Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe

Special OUTREACH Issue
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    CCRE is the overseeing ministry of: CCBCE, the Missions Training Program, AVFL and the European Conference Center

    Fall Semester 10-day Outreaches
    In November 112 CCBCE and CCMTP students set out on their outreach adventures.

    Ukraine 8 students
    Split, Croatia 12 students
    Sarbogard, Hungary 13 students
    Moldova 6 Students
    Kosovo 18 students
    Serbia 4 students
    Ireland 10 students
    Kyrgyzstan 6 students
    Baja, Hungary 17 students
    Finland 8 students
    Kaposvar, Hungary 7 students
    Debrecen, Hungary - Refugee Camp 1 student
    Uganda 1 student
    Vajta, Hungary 1 student

    Debrecen, Hungary


    Kaposvar, Hungary

    "... I do believe with all my heart, God did draw people, and we will see them again(in heaven)." Michelle, Kyrgyzstan team

    "... we got to share with her the simplicity of the gospel..." Brice, Croatia team

    "... so we just shared our testimonies with him, and he accepted Christ, right there and then." Christian, Baja, Hungary team

    Closed Vajta School

    Front of Vajta School
      CCBCE Retirement Home?
    Christian service, fellowship with believers from different countries, Christian service, Bible study and worship throughout the week, and… Christian service (did we mention that already?). This summer, why not take a step of faith to get away from the normal distractions of daily life so that you can seek and serve the Lord Jesus for a couple months in Europe?

    Summer of Service (“SOS”) has the potential to change your life. IF nothing else, it will be something that will challenge you in your Christian life. As R. Kent Hughes says, “the way to increase faith is to exercise faith”.

    You could join us next year! Details at calvarychapelreachingeurope.com/sos

    "When I first started handing them out, I was like, 'I hate this, I hate this', I didn't want to go to the doors, I was feeling scared. At the end I was like 'We gotta do more of this, this is getting God's Word out, we have to get out more.'.... so I am not scared spitless anymore." Tanya, Ireland team

    "... I was able to talk to them for hours about the grace of God and putting their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation." Brice, Croatia team

    Did you know . . . ?
    Did you know CCBCE Thursday night Koinonia services are available on the internet? You can subscribe to the podcast at www.ccbce.com or
    listen to the mp3s by clicking here.

    "... one of the cool things was to see how the missionaries love their job, they just, like, enjoy it, love it, they wouldn't give it up for anything. And they are a really good example for me, that is the kind of missionary I want to be." Max, Kaposvar, Hungary team

    "The reason I signed up for Finland was because Chris said we were going to be doing a drama. He didn't tell us we were going to have to share with like, lots of different schools and people.... I let this fear paralyze me for so long, that it made it hard for God to work in me and through me. I knew He was calling me to do stuff, but because I was scared I wouldn't do it.... God doesn't want us to be afraid of the things He has for us... He just wants what's best for us." Jenny, Finland team

    Did you know . . . ?
    Did you know CCBCE has a myspace? You can enjoy the video of some of the students talking about the November outreaches.
    Click here to visit www.myspace.com/ccbce

    "A compliment Tom Lackey (one of the pastors in Kaposvar) made while we were there, he told my wife it was the best day he had in his life." Josh, Kaposvar, Hungary team

    "... God gave me a clear reminder that there is a world out there that needs Him." Sam, Moldova team

    Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe