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From Vision to Village Via MTP
written by Greg Silva

In March of 2006, I had a dream about a village. In the dream I was standing on the bank of a river with my wife, Edna, and our two boys, Dominic and Joshua. We were casting nets into the river and being told how to fish. We had just moved to this village and so people were encouraging us and reassuring us that fishing would get easier with time. There were trees on both sides of the river and their leaves dipped down to touch the water. The homes along the river had little plots of land for farming with different types of fruit trees growing next to them. I woke up from this dream somehow knowing that this place was in Ukraine.

That August, a missionary from Israel told Edna that she and I would be missionaries to the children and that we would have favor in the government where we were going. She told Edna that where God was calling us, there was a river that runs through it. She also said that there would be healing where the leaves touch the water. She left Edna with a verse:
Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing. Ezekiel 47:12

The following month Edna met a woman named Nita Hanson at a missions fair in Ventura, CA. Nita has a ministry in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine called God's Hidden Treasures. She has been sharing the Gospel with the disabled, elderly, and orphaned of Ukraine for the last 10 years. Edna felt that she should share the dream I had about the village on the river. When she was done, Nita told her that she had that land where the village is to be built. God had given her almost the exact same dream! The mayor there had given Nita the land that the river runs through so that a village could be built. It would give the orphans and the disabled a chance to be brought up among Christian families where they could learn skills necessary for living on their own.

In April of 2007, the four of us traveled to Bila Tserkva, Ukraine and stood on the land that God showed me in my dream. We even met with the mayor of the village of Forcee who has given Nita the land to build on. The greatest blessing while we were there was the day we visited the orphanage to teach the children about Jesus. The difference that Jesus makes in the children's lives was clearly seen in their faces. We are excited to be living in Ukraine and to see what God can do here. We know that He can do great things when we listen to His call.

The Silva Family and Nita

The Land in Ukraine that Greg Saw in His Dream

The Children from the Orphanage and the reason the Silvas are in Ukraine

Greg and one of the orphan girls

The Missions Training Program is designed for those who believe God has called them into ministry, with a special emphasis upon the mission field. It is intensely practical as well as provides the knowledge and skills necessary to move on to the mission field.

Through the Missions Training Program students have contact with missionaries from all over Europe. They also spend 30 days serving at a Calvary Chapel Church in Eastern Europe, giving practical as well as Biblical knowledge of the mission field.

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Note: Greg attended one semester of the Missions Training Program with his family and is now ministering in Ukraine. You can listen to them describe their adventure by clicking here or visit their blog spot by clicking here.

So, how did your outreach go?

"God is constantly at His work, He doesn't get tired, He knows what He is doing to do" - Shaun, Hungary

"... I got an email yesterday from Steven the Pastor. He said a lot of new people are coming to the church. He was telling us how blessed he and his wife and the church were (by the outreach)" - Sam, Moldova

"... It was a blessing to hold those babies, it was a blessing to mentor those girls. Each person on our team has a special story" - Nikki, Romania

"We got to hang out with these kids, to just show them what it's like to live as a normal christian person. They were very open to talking to us about anything. One of the girls asked Imre why we were hanging out and helping them with yard work. It was a great chance for him to tell them that it is because of Jesus Christ in our lives that we do these things" - Chris, Vajta, Hungary

"We got to see how practical ministry is a huge part of the ministry. It speaks louder than any words we could have said" - David, Spittal, Austria

CCBCE Fall Semester: September 3rd - December 14th
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Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe