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  •   CCRE is the overseeing ministry of: CCBCE, the Missions Training Program, AVFL and the European Conference Center

    CCRE and CC Bucharest

    We at CC Bucharest are so blessed that Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe moved to Hungary. In the past four years we have had five brothers and sisters attend the school and four graduated the two year program. All five are actively involved in ministry at our church. Their roles are children's ministry, worship, administration, and practical helps.

    My name is James Hogan. I moved to Bucharest Romania in 2001 after I graduated CCBCE in Austria. I helped teach Bible studies and worked with orphanages along side of CC Bucharest. After my wife and I got married we felt the Lord leading us to Vajta to be a part of the Internship program. The Internship program has to be the most amazing thing we have been a part of. The Bible College teaches you many things but the internship takes you even further. I personally have always had a problem with balance. I go from one extreme to the next. I also didn't know how to delegate very well. These areas were challenged as I served in the intern program. My family and I returned to Bucharest after our internship and now I serve as an Assistant Pastor at CC Bucharest. We are very thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow while serving at CCBCE.
                               Pastor Jamie Hogan

    During my time at Bible College the Lord taught me many things. I realized how alive and powerful the Word of God is. This is what impacted me most.
                                          Costin Iliescu

    At Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe I got the chance to sit at Christ's feet and listen, and learn more about His Word and how to apply it to my life.
                                               Petra Nae

    During my time at the Bible College I grew in many ways. I learned alot but I also realized that the Lord provides all my needs and has a perfect plan for my life.
                                        Marian Coman

    I was blessed by so many things during Bible College. What sticks out most to me is all the students in one place seeking the Lord in Word and Worship.
                                              Cornel Dan


    CC Bucharest

    The Hogans

    Worship at CC Bucharest


    Marian, Jamie, Costin, Petra and Dan

    Simple Service

    Kellie & Erika During SOS

      Summer of Service

    Christian service, fellowship with believers from different countries, Christian service, Bible study and worship throughout the week, and… Christian service (did we mention that already?). This summer, why not take a step of faith to get away from the normal distractions of daily life so that you can seek and serve the Lord Jesus for a couple months in Europe?

    Summer of Service (“SOS”) has the potential to change your life. IF nothing else, it will be something that will challenge you in your Christian life. As R. Kent Hughes says, “the way to increase faith is to exercise faith”.

    You could join us next year! Details at

    Israel Class Trip - 2007

    We are excited to announce our April 2007 tour of Israel. Our tour will take us sailing on the Sea of Galilee, discovering the history and culture of Old Jerusalem, even floating on the Dead Sea. We'll have the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River, and to have communion at the Garden Tomb and be reminded, "He is risen indeed!" Daily we'll have devotions come to life at historical sites, like the mount where Elijah called down fire, looking out onto the valley of Armageddon, and in temples where the disciples enjoyed fellowship. We will walk where Jesus walked.

    All of our students are invited to experience the Bible coming alive as they join us on this magnificent 10-day tour of Israel. If you'd like more information please email for details.

    CCBCE Spring Semester

    Apply early to have time to receive your Visa! Enrollment is still open, and married housing is available.

    Semester starts February 5th!
    Check it out at:





    Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe