Pastor's Tour - September 2006

Thank you for contacting us regarding our upcoming 10-day Pastor's Tour of Eastern Europe. The dates of this vision trip are September 20-30. We are excited you are praying about being a part of this trip.

All you have to do is purchase your plane ticket. We ask that you ARRIVE in Budapest, Hungary on September 20. If you are coming from America that may mean your flight will leave on September 19th. Please double check that your flight will land in Budapest on September 20th and reserve your day of departure for September 30th.

Just click this link below and you will find the registration form so we will have all your information. We will pick you up at the airport and your adventure will begin at the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary before taking you to visit many of the growing Calvary Chapel Churches on the continent.

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The total cost is only $380 and that will cover your accommodations, meals and transportation throughout the locations we will visit in Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

The purpose of the trip is to introduce you to the pastors and missionaries that lead these works with the hope that you will be inspired and obtain a fresh vision for Europe. We hope that four things will happen:

  • Links—established between the missionaries and your church
  • Opportunity—for future ministry in Europe
  • Vision—for your church and the work in the European arena
  • Expectation—that God can and will use you in this way

    Don't think of this as an outreach trip in the normal sense; think of it as a vision trip with the purpose of creating bridges of ministry from your church into the European Mission Field.

    If you have any questions please email We would like to know if you would be joining us by August 31.

    God bless you, and we look forward to seeing you in September!

    Pastor Phil Metzger

  • Budapest
    Kids in Serbia
    Debrecen Outreach
    In Serbia
    Budapest Calvary Chapel
    In Vajta